About Me

About Me

Hi, I am Jasmin

I am 30 years old, mum of a 3-years-old son, living in Tenerife with my life partner P and my two dogs, Bella and Xenia. We have been living on the island for the last 4 years.  Before that we lived in Bristol and Bournemouth, whilst I was studying at Southampton Solent University to obtain my Bachelor of Arts in International Tourism Management. The majority of my career I have been working in the hotel and customer service industry which I enjoyed to the fullest, especially my last position as Guest Experience Manager, as part of the pre-opening team in a 5* Grand Luxury hotel of a renowned Spanish hotel chain. As I was working tirelessly towards a promotion – I got pregnant…

F was born and with him my complete world, beliefs, and goals turned upside down and changed. Here I was, being a mum. Something I always wanted to be, but somehow it felt so different then I always had imagined. The aspiration of wanting to be the best mum I possibly could be got hold of me and I started to critically question everything. And I mean EVERYTHING! Please don’t get me wrong, I know that you can’t be THE perfect mum. But I wanted to take all the decisions consciously and with the best of my knowledge possible. This meant I started to read a lot of articles, books and blogs about motherhood, health, nutrition and everything in between.

When the end of my maternity leave neared (4 months after giving birth in Spain) I decided to leave my beloved position for good just to stay a little longer home with F. Thinking of leaving F at just 4 months in a nursery made my stomach turn. Did I ever wanted to go back to a “normal” job? Staying home with F felt like the right thing to do and I don’t regret it at all. However, there was a time where I just felt lost. Completely lost. What is my purpose here on earth? How am I supposed to earn money in future? Do I ever want to go back working in hotels? Do I ever want to work in a regular job again? Will I be able to find a part time job which not only covers the nursery costs? So many questions, but no answers. The only thing which felt fulfilling was sharing my personal experience with others. Helping and supporting mums and dads when they need it most. Experiences about becoming a first time mum, about having a baby and dogs at home, about living abroad, about critically questioning the norm we are conditioned to accept, about keeping the passion and love alive in a relationship when having a baby, about trying to start a business online. So, here I am writing this blog sharing my way of finding myself again. Reinventing myself, leaving my comfort zone, investing in myself and my knowledge to find a new way of life which suits me and my family better.

Welcome to my World!